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Leftovers are Heroes on Earth Day and Everyday 4/22/17

By Lauren Arboleda, Founder of Food from the Heart

So if you follow me (which I hope you do!), then you know I love leftovers, especially now that I’m a busy mom balancing Food from the Heart (FFTH), cooking, cleaning, or dancing salsa with baby J on the side. Leftovers not only help me save time because the food is already made, but they help me avoid eating out because I know I have a quick meal in a blink of an eye when I get home, they help me save money, and last but not least, they help us save the planet!   How? By reducing our food waste and giving the oven a rest for the night!


So how do we make the most of our leftovers, get healthier, save money, and help the planet at the same time? I’ll give you some tips that can also be found in my book  section called “Eating out vs Cooking at home”.  Tips: I always recommend cooking extra of everything, for example, roasting batches of veggies to use throughout the week, homemade dressing that can be stored in the fridge, pancakes, waffles and pastries that can be frozen, as well as cooking extra quinoa, rice and all other grains. This will help us have all our tools ready right away, and when it’s time to eat or you just need a snack, you can easily and quickly put these foods together to create a variety of meals per day while minimalizing your food waste!


Example: Various dishes that can be made from cooking extra rice and extra beans

                    Using brown rice as a porridge in the morning                                  Cooking some black beans and mixing in the brown rice                 Blending those black beans into a dip for a healthy snack /light dinner











This is just one of many examples on how to use the same leftovers in different dishes! In my book, you will find more inspiration on how leftovers are heroes, including some tips on quinoa.  Quinoa leftovers can be used to make porridge in the morning or mixing it with some eggs and greens, to make a collard green wrap for lunch, or combined with some lentils for dinner!


The trick is to always make extra for endless options!  This way, you stay healthy, save money, and help the planet one meal at a time! Check out my website for more info, inspiration and cool things, plus my book!!! 





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